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Modeste Boukadia New Year 2018 Speech to the Congolese People

4 janvier 2018


My Dear Compatriots

Since my return to France, this is the first time that I speak directly to you. I know you have been present by your prayers. And I thank you very much for your unwavering support. My health has improved considerably thanks to the care of my wife, the effective treatment of my doctors, the presence of dear friends and the blessing of the Manes of our Ancestors.

For a large number of you, this year that is ending has been marked by the suffering, the worries, the injustices and the questionings:

  • The suffering of having lost a loved one,
  • The worries experienced daily with few resources to support your families while the Congo abounds in wealth,
  • The injustices perpetrated in the name of this autocratic power, unacceptable injustices that you suffer daily in a so-called civilised country!
  • The Questionings about the future of the Land of our Fathers, the Congo-Brazzaville.

Yes, we have been humiliated, despised, trampled on, starved. Many of our compatriots have been murdered and continue to be murdered in the Pool area, which is an integral part of a Congo displayed as one and indivisible.

I bow my head to their memory and I want to assure you of my support and affection.

But in spite of all this we are still standing, dignified, proud and alive, with the fierce will to straighten us up, to stand up, and all in unison, hand in hand, we will find in the deepest of ourselves the resources to rebuild our dear country.

Please note that despite the 575 days of arbitrary and unjust detention that the iniquitous regime of Brazzaville inflicted on me, at the prison of Pointe-Noire where they tried to kill me, I feel no hate, no revenge deep inside me.

Only the Congo is important to me. Only the Congo makes my heart beat, and the happiness of my People is the only thing that moves me and matters to me.

I tell you calmly but firmly, we must put a DEFINITIVE end to violence and to this autocratic regime.

The land of the Congo was, for too many years, watered with the blood of its children.

This genocide must stop.

So with you, my dear compatriots, let us proclaim unanimously the promise to keep an attitude always positive, without seeking the settling of accounts and the witch hunt, for the sole purpose of preserving the NATIONAL interest and promote the Charter of Human and Citizen Rights.

Congo belongs to the Congolese people. It is neither the property of a caste, nor of an ethnic group, nor of a tribe, nor of a family.

The same goes for its riches: they belong to all the Congolese people.

The current regime has betrayed us. It has turned the Republic of Congo into an autocratic Congo.

We cannot stand this inhuman dictatorship that has shown its true face over the last 30 years.

Recently again, and once again, the Brazzaville regime lied to the IMF by cheating on the public accounts of the Congolese state.

This is why we must change, that is why we aspire to rediscover DEMOCRACY in the Congo.

Changes and mutations cannot be improvised.

Let’s start working on the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE I have called for and whose goal will be to establish the future government that will implement, in the spirit of Union, the COMMON PROGRAM OF GOVERNMENT

At this International Conference, we will invite the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the African Development Bank, the London and Paris Clubs, the UN and partner countries so that they become stakeholders.

We will be commissioning international agencies to audit the state of health of our economy and finances.

Because, it is about CHANGING VISION, PARADIGMS to go towards the New World.

For the first time in its history, Congo will rise to the challenge of moving towards the NATIONAL UNION.

Its sole purpose will be to put Congo back on the path of CHANGE, of democracy by the establishment of a coherent republican policy on the whole Congolese territory, from the extreme North to the extreme South, without forgetting a single parcel of the territory.

To bring the Congo into this New World, into Change, we will give the regions ADMINISTRATIVE AND FINANCIAL AUTONOMY, leading to the DECENTRALIZATION so that all skills, that up to now, have been left out, could work in unison.

Congo will finally be a State of Law, Justice and Freedom where everyone, without exception, will be able to access Health, Education, Vocational Training, Housing, Agribusiness, digital development and Transport by opening up the regions by building communication routes to develop our internal market.

My dear Compatriots, it is true that the work ahead is huge.

There are deficiencies in virtually every industry, but I know you, and I know your will and your tenacity to move forward despite hardships and injustices.

We will give confidence to all Congolese to believe in the future. I am convinced that we will all come together to give back to our dear Congo the place it deserves among the developed and democratic nations.

On the occasion of this new year 2018, I want to tell you all my affection and I send you all my wishes of happiness, health and peace for you and all those who are dear to you.


Long live the Republic

Long live the Congo

Thank you

Modeste Boukadia

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